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Ve-Foil Controller


Ve-Foil Controller

The Ve-Foil is an electric bolt-on propulsion system. This system is capable of powering surfboards, stand up paddle boards and foils. Studio 63 was an integral part of the project, in charge of designing the waterproof controller.


The concept: Redesign the eFoil to make it safer, more durable, low cost, simple to build, and easier to ride.


Using state of the art 3D modelling software we create a model that can be 3D printed, rendered for marketing use and sent to the manufacturer to be turned into a real product!


Progressing from one form to the next. Print, test, repeat. Only once we get it right do we move on to the next stage in the design process.


*This is an ongoing project. As it comes to life more will be posted so stay tuned!*