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Propulsion System


VeFoil Propulsion System

We combined efficiency and safety to create an accessible propulsion system that is compatible with any hydrofoil mast brand, SUP, and Surfboard! The sleek design provides smooth riding and big thrust with very little drag compared to other systems. We work with you to incorporate your ideas and make them a reality!


We started by designing an enclosed impeller to keep users safe on the water and developed a four-blade design for improved efficiency. Here's how we used Solidworks to create 3D CAD files ready for testing!


Our impeller designs were 3D printed in aluminum and then machined for testing stages.


Renderings of some of our four-blade impeller designs.


The next step of the process was to design a jet nozzle. We 3D printed and machined many prototypes of the jet nozzle to test for fit and efficiency and we modified designs for manufacturing.


Final testing of the propulsion system out on the water!


VeFoil has an DIY Electric Hydrofoil video series!

Visit their YouTube Channel to learn more about the Crowdfunded project.