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Kayak Design

At Studio 63 we have designed many kayaks for Soul Waterman including the Mini-Me and Booty-Call

Kayak Design

Studio 63 is the go-to consultancy when it comes to designing high quality, innovative and ground breaking kayaks. With almost a decade of experience in the industry we have mastered the art of making beautiful, functional and exciting kayaks. Every design starts by expanding on the clients unique design criteria. We help with ideation, prototyping, CAD work, testing, and finally sending the finished product to the manufacturers for mass production. We can help you get your kayak ideas to market! Let us help evaluate your needs and wants and design a product that will suit your needs and take the guess work out of kayak design.


We use ideation to expand on each client's unique ideas and deliver multiple concepts to suit the needs of the project. 


After ideating we work with the client to help turn their custom kayak idea into a prototype. This particular prototype was then 3D scanned and turned into a 3D model.


Creating a 3D CAD model is and integral part of the design process. From creating impossibly complex shapes to performing draft analyses, Studio 63 offers the complete package when it comes to 3D CAD work. 


Every product needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the needs of the end user. Testing each product is something we enjoy because it allows us to feel confident that the product we deliver to the customer is of the highest quality, plus it is also a lot of fun.


We help turn your idea into a finished, mass produced product by working with the manufacturers.


Check out some of the many kayaks we've designed to see what Studio 63 can do for you!