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Jaguar Automotive Design

Studio 63 integrated the Jaguar Concept Vehicle for QNX with a next generation visual cockpit that demonstrates ECU consolidation of a cluster and infotainment.

Jaguar Concept Car

We modified a Jaguar XJ, with a next generation virtual cockpit controller that demonstrates ECU consolidation of an instrument cluster and infotainment system. The vehicle has a digital instrument cluster, considered safety-critical, and the Infotainment system, a non-safety-critical system running on a single silicon on chip (SOC). The QNX hypervisor allows for the separation and isolation required to safely support these two functions on one SoC. This safe virtualization capability is critical for next generation domain controllers in automobiles.


Stock Jaguar XJ being dissasembled

Final product with digital instrument cluster and head unit (radio)


3D Scanning of dash


A full re-design of existing instrument cluster plastics to accommodate a second display in front of existing cluster


IC Renderings


Centre Console CAD - mounting for new portrait screen and PCB's and a custom bezel to match


Final Centre Console Renderings for approval


Dash disassembled and new screens begin to be fit