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Water Bike Design

itBike Design

The itBike is a water bicycle made for leisurely use. itBikes must be safe, sturdy and maneuverable, so of course those were our main focus when it came to the design of the bike. Check out how we designed the inflatable water bike below!


Concept sketches of the inflatable water bike.


Using 3D CAD software, we modelled several different concepts for many of the different components of the bike. Here you can see the three different seats we designed for the water bike.


We started with four different concepts of the bike, each with different frame designs, board shapes, handle placements and other accessories. From here, we combined elements from each of the concepts to create a final design for the inflatable bike.

Concept 2.47.jpg

This sheet metal frame is sleek and simple.

Concept 3.256.jpg
Concept 2.50.jpg

We experimented with different colour schemes to make the bike feel upscale but fun!


We redesigned the itBikes logo to be simple but memorable. It was incorporated into elements of the bike, such as the pedals you see above!


The final concept is simple and easy to use. The wide hull shape makes the bike sturdy and balanced, while the handles allow for easy transport and towing!