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Harness Design

At Studio 63 our idea for the Liquid Force harness was to eliminate the unnecessary material and complex ideas to achieve a high performance harness with a weight saving advantage.

Harness Design

Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. Our idea was to eliminate the unnecessary material and over built ideas to achieve a high performance harness with a weight saving advantage. The Solo packs in unique construction methods that enhance comfort for all day riding, eliminating chafe and limiting spreader bar lift. Studio 63 has years of experience designing complex systems such as this harness and can transform any complex idea you have into reality.


Using the latest in 3D CAD software Studio 63 can turn an idea into a model and the model into a prototype to test.


Testing out the first design for the snapping mechanism... oops!


Developing the perfect back support for the harness, we tested out different materials and finishes to ensure the client's needs were met.


Even parts that are not visible need to be well designed! Studio 63 doesn't skimp on the details when it comes to design as you can (or can't) see by the spreader bar cover that is hidden in the harness.


The first of two concepts, this spreader bar concept used elegant and simple forms to keep costs down and functionality up.


The second concept was more abstract, providing the user with a detailed spreader bar that is as functional as it is beautiful.


In the end the client went for something more similar to the first concept. Simplicity is key and this is why the client decided to go with this one. Studio 63 offers multiple concepts to cater to each client's needs/


The final product as shown in all it's glory, being enjoyed by users all over the world!


Curious as to how the clip mechanism actually works? Check this out!