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2017 CS Control Bar Animation V2 - NS.34507.png

Control Bar Design

At Studio 63 we have worked with Liquid Force to design an innovative control bar with a quick release mechanism!

Control Bar Design

The latest Liquid Force Mission Control Bar is one of the best quick release systems on the market and the only auto reload systems on the market.  Through design and rapid prototyping we achieved a new competitive design that is getting great reviews.  Its simple, cleaner and more importantly, safer than previous systems. 


From this technical sheet of the control bar we are able to display each component in a clean and simple manner.


Studio 63 modelled every part of the control bar using 3D CAD software. From this 3D CAD model we are able to render the product and also send the parts to be manufactured.


Prototyping is very important in the design process and have all of the tools required for creating proper prototypes. We have multiple 3D printers and are even able to print very large objects if required.


Quick Release Prototyping - Pull testing to ensure release under extreme loads.  3D printed housing, production loop and release key.


Technical Drawing of the Quick Release, showing how the mechanism fits together.


Bar and quick release renderings.


Context Shots - The final product enables users to go out and have fun!